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Smooth Lip Liner

Smooth Lip Liner


NO. 18 CORAL (coral)
NO. 36 HOT CHILI PEPPER (darkred)
NO. 38 HOT SPICY (crimson)
NO. 39 GARNET (mediumvioletred)
NO. 135 ROSEWOOD (rosybrown)

Smooth lip contouring pencil


This long-lasting liner accentuates the lips and prevents lipstick from “bleeding” – for perfectly made-up lips. Ideal for correcting small mistakes and perfecting the shape of the lips. The pencil is easy to blend and melts with your lipstick. Carnauba and candelilla wax keep the skin feeling supple, while vitamins c and e protect against free radicals, and thus also against premature skin aging. Fragrance-free. Contains no preservatives.



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