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Say Hello to Bright Eyes Concealer

Say Hello to Bright Eyes Concealer



Light-reflecting concealer

Say goodbye to redness or dark shades under the eye and welcome radiant and bright eyes. Little effort - great effect: signs of tiredness are simply cheated away by the silky and non oily texture of the "say hello to bright eyes concealer". The texture dries quickly, is long-lasting, melts into the skin and conjures annoying eye shadows instantly. Skin imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles are naturally and reliably covered. Additional precious minerals such as tourmaline and calcium illuminate the skin around the eyes. The application is especially easy thanks to the practical twist mechanism, which has to be turned several times just before the first use and again before further use. Thanks to the integrated brush, the concealer is perfect for refreshing the make-up on the go. Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed. Suitable for sensitive skin. Fragrance-free.

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