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Rich Color Gloss

Rich Color Gloss


NO. 5 PANNA COTTA (wheat)
NO. 18 APRICOT BLUSH (peachpuff)
NO. 25 PAPAYA SORBET (tomato)
NO. 31 BITTERSWEET (crimson)
NO. 35 RED POPPY (firebrick)
NO. 61 SHOCKING PINK (orchid)
NO. 73 SLEEPING BEAUTY (indianred)
NO. 190 RUM RAISIN (rosybrown)
NO. 202 VANITY FAIR (darksalmon)

Creamy lip gloss with an intensive color sheen


The unbeatably creamy texture of this lip gloss snuggles gently against your lips. The formulation is such that, despite its seductively creamy texture, it feels weightless after application without being sticky. Rich color gloss becomes a highlight for your lips with the addition of high quality color pigments. Covers like a lipstick with the sheen of a lip gloss, this is lip service of an entirely different kind! Exciting, vibrant colors full of brightness and power make the very best of your lips. The angled flock applicator makes it easy to apply the lip color with absolute precision. Perfectly emphasized lips with no smudging or feathering – and no compromising. The bewitching fragrance composition of vanilla, caramel and coconut makes this lip gloss even more irresistible. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Suitable for sensitive skin.



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