Peri's Ink Velvet - 15 Girlish Red

Peri's Ink Velvet - 15 Girlish Red



A matte lip stain that doesn't dry out your lips, Peri's Ink Velvet applies with an ultra-soft texture and a creamy finish. All-natural ingredients keep the lips feeling soft on the outside and moisturized on the inside. Each gorgeous shade maintains its vivid color even after 6 hours of wear. 


    • High-color payoff for fuller-looking & gradient lips

    • Lightweight and refreshing

    • Matte and smooth

    • The vivid lip color stays put even after 6 hours, leaving lips feeling soft and velvety-smooth.

    • The unique formula helps color and moisture last longer, keeping lips soft on the outside and moisturized on the inside!

    • Your lips will stay fabulous even after eating and drinking all night! No touch-ups needed.


How to Use:

    1. Dab a small amount of Ink the Velvet in the center of your bottom lip using the applicator.

    1. Gently press your lips together for color to adhere on the top lip.

    1. Use a cotton swab to gently blend the edges.

  1. Your gradient lip is complete!

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