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Perfect Mat Lipstick

Perfect Mat Lipstick


112 - orangey red (orangered)
116 - Poppy Red (crimson)
121 - Scarlet Love (red)
125 - Marakesh Red (firebrick)
130 - Valentines Darling (maroon)
140 - Berry Sorbet (mediumvioletred)
144 - Pinky Mauve (palevioletred)
155 - Pink Candy (hotpink)
160 - Rosy Cloud (lightcoral)
179 - Indian Rose (indianred)
188 - Dark Rosewood (brown)
193 - Warm Nude (chocolate)

Matte finish and rich color meets optimal wearing comfort - Perfect Mat Lipstick in a trendy matte finish is the ultimate lipstick for irresistible kissable lips.
Even and intensive, Perfect Mat Lipstick conjures up a matte color on the lips, making them appear incredibly even and tender. Thanks to the long-lasting texture, you’ll love how Perfect Mat Lipstick is extra durable without fading. It smells delicately of vanilla. The lipstick does not dry out the lips. For a creamy, soft skin feel and the ultimate in comfort.
Skin compatibility is dermatologically tested.

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