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Nail Polish

Nail Polish


NO. 101 ANGEL DUST (antiquewhite)
NO. 106 INNOCENT (ghostwhite)
NO. 109 FRENCH CHIC (oldlace)
NO. 115 SWEETHEART (pink)
NO. 119 LAST UNICORN (seashell)
NO. 120 RENDEZVOUS (mistyrose)
NO. 127 TWINKLE (peachpuff)
NO. 129 MAMBO (navajowhite)
NO. 136 SCANDALOUS (deeppink)
NO. 137 CORAL ISLAND (crimson)
NO. 151 CAPRI (orangered)
NO. 155 BLUSH (red)
NO. 165 RED-HOT (darkred)
NO. 170 HOT TABASCO (firebrick)
NO. 189 MATADOR (maroon)
NO. 208 EXOTIC WOOD (maroon)
NO. 214 SPICED WINE (maroon)
NO. 238 CRAZY LOVE (darkorchid)
NO. 257 1001 NIGHTS (darkviolet)
NO. 262 PURPLE HEART (mediumpurple)
NO. 268 MAUVE DIVINE (silver)
NO. 275 TWILIGHT (rosybrown)
NO. 298 EVERY DAY (tan)
NO. 320 EXOTIC FRUIT (mediumvioletred)
NO. 328 NAUGHTY PINK (fuchsia)
NO. 340 PINK PASSION (deeppink)
NO. 350 VALENTINE (mediumvioletred)
NO. 361 SPEED DATING (palevioletred)
NO. 381 DESERT ROSE (mistyrose)
NO. 385 NAKED TRUTH (rosybrown)
NO. 414 COPPER TWIST (brown)
NO. 429 MOONLIGHT (silver)
NO. 435 PEBBLES (darkgrey)
NO. 449 SKYSCRAPER (grey
NO. 510 BLACK BEAUTY (black)
NO. 551 KIWI (olivedrab)
NO. 571 SAFARI PARK (mediumseagreen)
NO. 598 INKBLOT (dodgerblue)
NO. 620 ATLANTIS (steelblue)

High gloss nail polish in fashionable and classic colors for nails that are in the spotlight. The mirror-like shine and good adhesion appeal even to the most discerning nail polish user. The high pigmentation guarantees good color results with just a single coat. The brush is perfectly matched to the texture, and makes it easy to apply evenly and without stripes. The integrated uv filter protects the colors against fading and yellowing for a long-lasting, rich color strength. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Suitable for sensitive skin.



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