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Long-Lasting Lip Booster

Long-Lasting Lip Booster


NO. 08 COSMIC GIRL (orangered)
NO. 14 BELLINI (darksalmon)
NO. 23 CANDY STRIP (hotpink)
NO. 35 KISSABLE (pink)
NO. 43 SENSUAL RASPBERRY (palevioletred)
NO. 76 STOLEN KISSES (lightpink)
NO. 97 MOCHACHINO (rosybrown)

Long-lasting lip booster with optical boosting effect


Voluminous, seductive lips are a sign of sensuous femininity. The misslyn long-lasting lip booster optically boosts the lips and makes them appear voluminous and smooth. The lips look newly shaped and softly tinted. The resulting ultra-glossy, glass- like effect especially enhances the look and makes it appealing and desirable. Thanks to subtle glitter particles, the seducing gloss effect is amplified. The long-lasting lip booster leaves the lips feeling nourished, and doesn’t dry them out. Lasts up to 4 hours without settling in the lips’ natural lines. The applicator was designed to provide an especially comfortable application. Due to its high degree of flexibility and super-soft wand, it provides a pleasant feeling on the lips. Its form has been adjusted to the contours of the lips; it is slightly slanted and pointed to facilitate a sleek as well as precise application. In order to provide a perfect color application, the slant has a small notch, in which the gloss is accumulated to provide an ideal and smooth color application. With a delicate vanilla scent.



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