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Lip Brilliance

Lip Brilliance

Rs.1,215.00 Rs.1,350.00

04 - brilliant crimson queen (crimson)
10 - brilliant carmine (brown)
14 - brilliant frozen rose (indianred)
32 - brilliant anemone (tan)
45 - brilliant ruby red (sienna)
61 - brilliant sweet raspberry (mediumvioletred)
64 - brilliant rose kiss (pink)

The Lip Brilliance Lip Gloss gently, lightly and smoothly covers the lips in long lasting brilliant shine. An active ingredient complex made of encapsulated collagen and hyaluronic acid supports the firmness and tightness of the lips skin and boosts the collagen synthesis. SPF 6 counteracts light induces skin aging. The lips appear more voluminous and shine seductively.

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