Longlasting Lipliner

Longlasting Lipliner


01-ready for red
02-sweetheart (fuchsia)
03-yummy berry (mediumvioletred)
05-lovely frappacinno (darksalmon)
06- a girl's dream (indianred)
07-plum cake (palevioletred)
08-girl next door (wheat)
10 berry on my mind (purple)
11 - be a game-changer

The perfect pencil for lips with definition! The essence longlasting lipliner allows you to accurately trace the contours of your lips. The super soft texture ensures a simple application and provides intensive, long-lasting colour that won’t streak. With nude shades as well as many other colours, the choice of colour is huge. The retractable mine turns this lipliner into a practical beauty tool, even when you’re on the go

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