Concealer Basics: The Color Wheel

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Posted on October 28 2015

Mastering the art of concealer has a lot to do with understanding the basics of color correction! For this you need to understand the color wheel! once you get hold of it, mastering the art of makeup will be easy!

the basic thing to keep in mind is the OPPOSITE colors NEUTRALIZE each other. For instance, red is directly across from green on the color wheel. The color green will neutralize the color red, which is why green concealer works best to cover red acne blemishes. 



Green Concealers: As I just mentioned, the color green neutralizes the color red, which is why green concealers are wonderful for getting rid of any redness on your face whether it be old scars, pigmentation spots or acne marks.

Purple, lavender, or lilac concealers are best suited for eliminating any unwanted yellow undertones on your skin. People with a pasty, dull, yellow complexion will love how a purple concealer or primer adds a beautiful glow to their face.

Peach, orange Concealers: These are ideal for brightening around the eye area and masking signs of fatigue. This particular concealer color is a mixture of red, orange, and yellow hues, which are across from the blue, purple, and green hues on the color wheel. That’s why this color is best to combat dark under eye circles especially racoon eyes!

Yellow concealers are perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins, and under eye circles, so it’s no surprise yellow is right across from purple on the color wheel. 

Neutral Concealers: If you’re one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have too many problem areas to hide, this will work fine for you. Any regular concealer should work to veil little imperfections or the occasional pimple. Just choose a shade similar to your skin tone, or one shade lighter, and you’re all set

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